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Average Penis Size

For some reason, most guys think that as long as they're endowed above the average penis size then they're okay. As long as they're just a little bit above that magic average number, that everything's just peachy.

What does "average" mean? And just what is the average penis size, anyway? Don't worry, we'll answer your questions. But then we'll tell you why you should strive to be more than just average.

Just what exactly is the average penis size?

There have been a lot of studies done to determine what the average penis size is. Why are scientists and doctors so curious?

Well, you're curious, too, aren't you?

The problem with most of these studies is one of two things: either they have a very small sample of men (pun intended), or they require men to self-report their penis size. Now the self-reporting thing might be okay -- except for one small thing. Just like we tend to do with our incomes and our IQs, guys tend to exaggerate their penis size. By up to half an inch. You can see how this would affect the average penis size.

So determining the average penis size is a bit of a guess. To the best of our knowledge, the average penis size is 6.25 inches in length.

Girth numbers are harder to come by, probably because not very many people know what the word "girth" means.

Oh, no! I'm below average!

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On the other hand, you can stay sub-par for as long as you want. For most guys, though, knowing they have an above average penis size is a real confidence-booster.

And women don't complain, either.

Hooray! I'm above average!

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We've heard stories about average penis size that'd curl your hair. One guy wrote to tell us about his girlfriend, a stripper who'd been with a few men before. All her previous boyfriends had been extremely well endowed (in the 8" range) so when this poor guy pulled out his six-and-a-half-inch penis she thought something was wrong with him. "But I'm above average penis size," he said.

"Honey, I don't know what your average is, but mine's about this much bigger," she said.

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