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Penis pumps

You've probably seen advertisements on adult websites for penis pumps. These magical devices promise that you'll be hung like a gas pump in a few weeks and all you have to do is squeeze the little bulb for a few minutes a day.

Sad to say it just doesn't work that way. Penis pumps are good for some things, but permanent penis enlargement just isn't one of them.

What do penis pumps do?

It's pretty straightforward - penis pumps work by creating a vacuum pressure around the penis. This vacuum forces the penis to expand, drawing more blood from the body into the chambers that fuel your erection. The result? A bigger erection, albeit one that only lasts a little while.

That sounds good, right? Well, here are the down sides of using penis pumps.

You say it's a bad idea to use penis pumps?

There are a couple of reasons to steer clear of penis pumps.

First, excessive use or excessive pressure can cause burst blood vessels. These are usually just ugly rather than life-threatening, but who wants a big blue spider vein on their penis? Guys who over-exert penis pumps are usually trying to use them for permanent enlargement.

Permanent enlargement with penis pumps is possible -- at a price. By forcing excess blood into the penis, these pumps create a condition by which the tissue that fills with blood becomes deteriorated and spongy from the constant pressure. The result of using penis pumps for enlargement can be a bigger erection that feels soft and squishy.

The last drawback of penis pumps is their main advantage -- the creation of temporary enlargement. Imagine taking a woman home, pumping up, having great sex and falling asleep. Now imagine her reaction when she sees your un-pumped penis. Yikes.

Another penis enlargement option

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